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Tiaho Trust works alongside other providers in the disability area to provide practical, culturally appropriate, quality services aimed at improving the wellbeing of disabled people within Northland.


Tiaho Trust is a proactive organisation providing advice, education and support to develop communities that are inclusive of disabled people and values their contribution.

The collaborative approach Tiaho Trust adopts in all its undertakings ensures that disabled people are leaders and participants in work that is about them.

As a ‘disabled led’ organisation, Tiaho Trust is strongly focused on representing the issues and views of the disabled community in Tai Tokerau.

Tiaho Trust offers a free independent advocacy service to disabled people or their family members. If you feel like you’re being treated unfairly because of your disability or you feel you aren’t getting the supports or services you are entitled to, contact Tiaho Trust.

Phone 0800 430-3406 between (8am – 4pm)  or email jonny@tiaho.org.nz

Tiaho works collaboratively with disability providers, community based organisations and local and regional government bodies on projects that promote the value and inclusion of disabled people in our communities.

We have a representative role on a range of local government and agency committees/panels in Northland to ensure that the disabled community has input into the services that effect them and act as a conduit between these committees/panels and the disabled community in Northland.

Our website provides the Northland community with current news and information relating to disability. To educate and create discussion around disability issues, you can make a comment on any articles posted.

There are many specialist Disability Information Advisory Service Providers working hard in our community to support people with disabilities, their family/whanau and carers.

Tiaho Trust supports these organisations by posting articles on our website about events and seminars that they host to support and provide information to our community.

You can access their contact details and ‘virtually’ meet the people within these organisations by browsing the support network.

If you want to know what events and support groups are happening in Northland you can check these out from our ‘Events Calendar’.

Tiaho Trust provides specialist training to both the public and private sector on how to provide exceptional service to disabled and mature service users.

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