Motor Neurone Disease Association


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The Motor Neurone Disease Association is an incorporated society and registered charity.  It was started over 30 years ago by a small group in the Northland area who set out to offer support and information to people diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND). It now provides support nationwide to the estimated 300 people living with MND along with their carers, families/whanau & the health professionals involved with their care.

Our National Office is in Auckland and the MND Support Team Leader is available 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday.  Local support across Northland is offered by our part-time Support Worker. While most support is provided by phone /email contact occasional visits can also be arranged and we liaise regularly with health professionals and community teams.

Our MND Support Team can assist you by:

  • listening to your needs and concerns and suggesting options that may help.
  • providing information about MND and supports available.
  • helping you to understand the information and apply it to your individual situation.
  • helping you to understand the health system, identify and access services you may need now and in the future.
  • providing information and support to health professionals involved in your care, who may have limited experience of MND – there are only around 300 people nationally at any one time.
  • promoting communication and co-operation between  the individuals and agencies involved in your care.
  • offering you the opportunity to connect with others affected by MND.

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