Arthritis New Zealand

Arthritis NZ 2022 version

Arthritis New Zealand aims to improve the life of every person affected by arthritis. We are a national charity focused on raising awareness, advocating for those with arthritis and providing advice and support. We also fund research, contribute to health policy, and partner with healthcare professionals and other community agencies.

Support services include:

  • A national helpline 0800 663 463
  • Facebook Q & A sessions every Monday 7pm to 9pm
  • Online and other support groups
  • Support for Newly Diagnosed service – a chance to talk with someone who has the same condition
  • Information about all forms of arthritis, treatments, pain management, employment issues and access to other support services
  • Community development – helping others in your community support people with arthritis.

Arthritis affects more than 620,000 New Zealanders and is a leading cause of disability. At the heart of Arthritis New Zealand’s services are our Arthritis Educators who run group clinics, seminars, online and telephone clinics, and workplace talks on arthritis. Educators are available to provide you with specific information about your condition. They can also refer you to other health professionals or community support and exercise groups.

Arthritis Educators come from a broad range of backgrounds including nursing, health psychology or health promotion. They can recommend options for a better quality of life with the help of medications, exercise, joint protection, pain management and healthy food.

For information about arthritis or support services in Northland, please phone 0800 663 463 or visit

Whangarei Support Group and Hydrotherapy sessions – Els Dutton