Emergency Services Contacts during lockdown

Disability Roopu Services

Lockdown August 2021 – Tim Howard

Government Emergency contact list

There are two PDF downloads above, one is for Community Groups in Whangarei/Northland and the other is for Northland Disability Contacts for the Disability Advisory Information Services Collective (DIAS Collective). We have also added the Government Welfare contact list.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting these groups if you need any assistance. If you are struggling to get support we maybe able to help you so either contact:

CEO – Jonny Wilkinson – Cell: 027 277 9333  email:  jonny@tiaho.org.nz

EA to CEO – Arlene Carter – Cell: 021 2022 706   email: arlene@tiaho.org.nz

DIAS Outreach Coordinator – Leah Petersen  Cell: 012 121 1867  email: leah@tiaho.org.nz