Sign High – A Northland TV Series

Sign High is a new TV series made here in Northland, and funded by the NZSL Board, that will be screening weekly from Thursday, 17th November 2016. Sign High is all about New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) and is for Deaf and hearing people alike.

Thursday 17th November 2016 will see the first of 15 episodes in this new TV series about Deaf people living in Northland, showcasing how New Zealand’s third official language – New Zealand Sign Language is used, learned and how vital it is to enable our Deaf community to access interpreting services when visiting their GP, the courts; what it’s like growing up Deaf, Deaf parenting, playing sports and much more.

Presented by Deaf people in our community, each episode takes you through an interview with a local person or business; and teaches you some NZSL signs that will help you to communicate with the Deaf people you know and those you may meet or work with in the future.  The series has been produced using funding from the NZSL Board.

Sign High is funded by the NZSL Board
Sign High is funded by the NZSL Board

The programmes will screen on Channel North at 8pm each Thursday from 17th November 2016 and will re-run on the following Sunday at 1pm. 

See the news article and helpful links here.

Links to each episode will be uploaded to this page after they have aired on TV.

Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2:  Emergency

Episode 3:  Technology

Episode 4:  Sports

Episode 5:  Employment

Episode 6:  Celebrations – NZSL

Episode 7:  Celebrations

Episode 8:  DANZ & Equipment

Episode 9:  Deaf Parenting

Episode 10:  Deaf Education

Episode 11:  Court

Episode 12:  NZSL Board

Episode 13:  Doctor/GP

Episode 14:  Interpreters

Episode 15:  Overview