Spectacle subsidy age increase

Great news for parents!  Eye examinations, frames, lenses, eye patches and repairs can now be obtained by families for children 15 years old or younger.  The parent/guardian or the child must have a valid Community Services Card or the child must have a current High Use Health Card.

A maximum of $281-25 incl gst cents per year is available for each eligible child. A further $50.00 (including GST) is available for children that require an adult size frame.  Optometrists or Ophthalmologists that are registered with Enable New Zealand will undertake the examination, the prescription, and the completion of the Spectacles Subsidy application form.

The Spectacles Subsidy is paid directly to the provider of the examination or glasses. The provider then deducts the subsidy amount from their client’s account.

This funding is available through the DHB (Enable Funding) and is being utilised by a number of local optometrists in Whangarei including Visque Lowes & Partners, OPSM, Brice & Barradell, Vision Care, Visualeyez and Northland Optometry.  It is the Optometrist or Ophthalmologist, who determines if the child meets the criteria for the Spectacles Subsidy.

For more information please phone: 0800 171995 or click here.

Published 05/03/2008