Public Trust Enduring Powers of Attorney’s and Wills

There are options on creating Enduring Power of Attorneys (EPA’s) via the Public Trust website online or by making an appointment. Please note: We do not know if they are meeting clients face to face during Covid 19 restrictions, contact (0800-371-471 prior). The cost of each Enduring Power of Attorneys (Medical or Property) is $289. While this appears to be a set rate note that if your EPA is complex it could incur additional fees. If in doubt ask for a quote. These prices are very competitive.

Go into the Public Trust website and click on Product and Services. There you will find where to go to create a EPA.

You can also create your own Will online, a Basic online Will costs $69, Standard online Will costs $119 and a Comprehensive online Will costs $169.

Important – If your loved one is starting to forget things and may possibly have undiagnosed Dementia or Alzheimer’s it is important to have EPA’s and Wills in place prior to that medical diagnosis. Otherwise it maybe viewed that this person “no longer of sound mind” and the process will become a lot more complicated.