Support Options Website

A Guide to Disability Resources in Auckland and Northland

The Support Options website is the initiative of the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) Auckland in collaboration with Tiaho Trust in Northland. This project is funded by the Ministry of Health to provide up to date information about disability support services and how to access them in the Auckland and Northland regions.

It is envisaged that the web site will be a key tool for people to access up- to-date information about disability support services, what these services are contracted to provide and relevant contact details including linkages to DSS Provider web sites and relevant documents.

People can generate their own Information Sheet which can be printed off for use in hard copy for areas with limited internet access.

Information is available about:

  • Disability Support Services
  • Community and Residential Services
  • Respite and Carer Support
  • Rehabilitation and Habilitation Services
  • Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination
  • Home Based Support Services
  • Disability Information and Advisory Services (DIAS)
  • Equipment, housing and vehicle modifications
  • Support to live independently
  • Intellectual Disability Assessment
  • Individualised funding
  • Funding and support information
  • Services for child, youth & adults
  • Mental Health Services (to be developed)
  • Link to information and resources on the web site
  • Government and non-government organisations
  • Frequently asked questions