New Ridewise swipe cards active

The newly introduced Ridewise swipe cards are now active and have replaced the Total Mobility Scheme Taxi Vouchers.

As of November 1st, 2017 the new Ridewise swipe cards have been in use for those using the taxi service to get around.  The yellow taxi vouchers and old photo ID cards continued to be accepted for the month of November, but can no longer be used after today.

All Total Mobility users should now be using a blue Ridewise card (electronic swipe card).  

If you do not have a Ridewise swipe card, you will need to pay full fare until you are issued with one.

To arrange for a Ridewise swipe card please contact either the agency that issued your vouchers or the Northland Regional Council on

470 1112 or by email at

To read more about eligibility, the new urban boundary restriction rules & minimum fares see a copy of the press release below.

Available Downloads Type Size
Ridewise press release Oct 2017 pdf 342 KB

Published 30/11/2017