Motor Neuron Disease newsletter update June 2020

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Awareness Month


Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month – June

Living with motor neurone disease (MND) presents immense challenges every day. Every week at least two people are diagnosed with this life-shortening disease, drastically changing the lives of not only those diagnosed, but also their families/whānau, and the wider community.

It takes a team to live with the impacts of MND. Every member of the community plays a valuable part: family and whānau, friends, carers, researchers, employers, health professionals, MND New Zealand, and more. They all provide much-needed support to enable those living with MND to have the best quality of life.

Get involved in Awareness Month

Now more than ever, it’s important for us to connect and support one another. This Motor Neurone Disease Awareness Month, we ask members of our community to open up about the challenges they face, and encourage others to join our team as supporters, advocates, donors, and friends. It takes a team.


Share Your Story

My name is Kylie. I am a daughter, mum and grandmother and I have been living with MND for 9 years. My father and his father also had MND. It’s been a difficult road, but I am learning that its okay to ask for help.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by an amazing team which includes whānau, friends, and specialists who are always there to give me the emotional, practical and medical support I need every day to live with this condition.