Mobility equipment and Disability aids needed in Fiji

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Tiaho Trust want to know if you have any mobility equipment and/or disability aids sitting around or need a bit of repair that you would be happy to donate to assist the Pacific Rehab Foundation who are helping disabled people in Fiji. They are coming back up to Northland on the 25 June to collect items (can be left at Tiaho Trust or ring Arlene 021 2022 706 to discuss), that have been donated from the Community.

Pacific Rehab Foundation
“By donating specialised product you can change lives.” Your donation will allow those with a disability to become an inspiring story of success.
Help us to change lives
• Donations of equipment
• Training packages
• Specialised mobility systems
• Seating & positioning
• Pressure Injury prevention
To provide Complex Rehabilitation knowledge, training, equipment, and advice to the peoples of Fiji and the Pacific.
To work with agencies on the ground in the Pacific to identify those to whom the provision of Complex Rehab equipment, training and support would allow access to not only their immediate environment, but also their village, education and employment.
Work with the Spinal Injuries Association of Fiji and others to identify persons who are aspirational in themselves and with the aid of tailored packages become inspirational to their community.

Fiji’s disabled community makes up some of the poorest of the country’s population. As such, the costs associated with accessing essential mobility aids and appliances is beyond the reach of many who really need these supports. That is why SIA provides assessment, support and equipment completely free of charge to people who genuinely need this help.

In our privileged societies we have a dearth of equipment sitting around and not helping people. Whether that is as used complex equipment that can be reconditioned, Trial and Demo product that has been depreciated, or superseded by newer models.

With the funding available there is no second hand market, nor is dropping discounted product into a small market good business sense. It is this product we can apply our learned skills to, and create world class results for people only used to very basic outcomes.

You can contact Pacific Rehab Foundation directly at 1/689 Whangaparaoa Rd Stanmore Bay, 0932 Auckland, New Zealand or ring Andy on 021 940 616

Alternatively you could contact Arlene at Tiaho Trust, or 021 2022 706