Going the extra mile

If more retailers considered the needs of all their customers and potential customers, 1 in 5 people would better be able to participate in and have access to services in their communities.

Wouldn’t it be great if all retailers went that extra mile to better cater for the disabled, so they too can have the shopping experience that everyone else enjoys. Shopping nowadays has become a recreation just like going to watch a game of sport or a movie.

Where I work at Harrisons Carpets, we go that extra mile to ensure that all our customers buying experience is pleasurable. We like to help those who might need a bit of extra assistance.

We have special parking, easy access into the building, disabled toilets, compassionate, non-judgemental, helpful staff. We will take your purchases out to the car for you.  If you are deaf, we are aware of the ways we can help the communication process. If you find it hard to walk around the shop, we will bring the goods to you whilst you sit on the couch.

It’s never too hard to ‘Go the Extra Mile’, and you always get a great smile.

Karen Breitsameter
Do you know of any other shops or businesses that are disabled friendly?

Published 08/01/2008