Ability Stroll

The ‘ability stroll’ has been included in this years famous annual Beach to Basin event alongside the new ‘pram stroll’  which follows the same course. This alternative route was designed in response to those who wish to participate along with the other 2 ½ thousand residents who enjoy this annual event.

The 9.4 and 5km course is not within everyone’s reach so this new 2.6 kmcourse has been designed with those in mind. Now those facing mobility challenges are invited to join in the day alongside the pram strollers who are also seeking a less congested, even and safer stroll.

The course is flat and reasonably ‘negotiable’ with just a small portion lacking a formal footpath and with parking available at Cobham Oval and traffic being minimal on a Sunday morning at 8.30 am safety shouldn’t be a problem.

The walk will finish at the town basin along with the Beach to Basin participants, for the prize giving event.


Download supporting document for more information.

Published 08/02/2008