Late last year Whangarei’s Citylink busses were given the accessibility once over. The ride was a resounding success and in response to demand, a new trial loop trip has been launched for the summer.

At $1 per trip Citylink Whangarei and Northland Regional Council are running a loop route that departs at Rose Street, to The Hub - Town basin, The Warehouse – Port Road entrance, Mega Surf – Okara Drive, Porowini Ave, arriving back in Rose Street.  The bus runs several times each day (twice per hour), departing Rose St at 9.20am for it's first run, and 2.20pm for the final run of the day on week days; and 9.20am Saturday mornings to 2.20pm on Saturday afternoons.  

This is a trial run and needs to be used to prove demand.  The popularity will be revisited and a decision made whether to keep this affordable scheme going.

Excerpt from the article:

'The buses feature a ‘kneeling’ function which lowers the entrance to just above ground level. A ramp can then be lowered to the footpath enabling passengers on wheelchairs, walkers and crutches to enter and exit the bus. Two designated areas at the front of the bus also cater for wheelchairs, with straps to hold the chair and its occupant in place.

“City Link bus drivers will help anyone who has difficulty entering, exiting or getting to a seat on one of their buses,” Carla says.

“People just need to ask.”

Older passengers are also reminded that SuperGold card holders can ride City Link buses at no charge outside peak hours, and concessions are available for other adults and children using the Snapper Smartcard.'

To view the Route and full timetables for week days and Saturday's see the flyer below:

To read last year’s press release see below: 

Available Downloads Type Size
The Okara Loop Route 1 Summer Timetable December 2016 and January 2017 pdf 723 KB
City Link buses get the accessibility once-over pdf 218 KB

Published 10/01/2017

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