The aim of the Aspire scholarship is to provide New Zealanders who have MS or arthritis with the opportunity to attend Aspire, an eight day low impact experience for people over 27 years.

Just like any other Outward Bound course you will experience activities like sailing, rock climbing, kayaking and high ropes. This is your opportunity to get outdoors and feel the exhilaration of achieving more than you thought possible.

Applications close Friday 17th June.

Outward Bound seeks applications from people over 27 years who:

  • have MS or arthritis
  • meet the Aspire course criteria - see Aspire course information
  • will benefit from attending Outward Bound
  • would otherwise be unable to attend due to their financial circumstances
  • are New Zealand citizens or permanent residents

Some of the benefits you will get from an Aspire course are:

  • Challenge your limits, conquer your fears and know you can do it
  • Re-evaluate what is important to you
  • Time to yourself to reflect and consider your next opportunities
  • Rejuvenate and boost your appreciation for life
  • Share related and different life experiences and understand what is required for effective relationships

Past participants include people with: back injury, arthritis, joint replacement, amputee, MS.  “I have never experienced a week in my life that was punctuated with so many physical and emotional highs…I kept pushing my personal limits and boundaries to points that I would not have believed possible.”  Mark, Aspire participant

To find out how to raise the funds and pay for your course, please check out

Some options include:

Aspire scholarships valued at $1,820 each are available for New Zealanders who have MS or arthritis. Contact Simone Harris at Outward Bound to get an application pack – phone 0800 688 927 or email 

Work and Income funding is available for eligible clients. Contact your Work and Income to apply - they will give you an application form to complete (do not complete our enrolment form).

Application Form Aspire scholarship.pdf
Aspire course information.pdf
Aspire scholarship details.pdf

Published 14/06/2011

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