When local body elections come around, it is everyone’s choice to have a say in how our local district should be run and where resources should be put and how priorities should be made.

At Tiaho Trust, we wanted to inform the disabled community on how local body candidates view disability issues.  So we attended the Northland Chamber of Commerce Speed Dating night where each candidate spent one minute talking to members of the chamber.  The members were then able to go around and talk to each of the candidates for two minutes.

Because there was only two minutes to talk to each candidate and there were a lot of them, we wanted to pick a single issue and ask each of the candidates the same question.

How will you ensure that all new public amenity buildings will be compliant with the existing building code which would make them accessible to all people?

Not all candidates took the opportunity to come and talk to us but for those that did, we have videoed their responses and you can view these below. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Northland Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity to talk to and video the candidates, and many thanks to the candidates for sharing their thoughts with us.

Listed below are the candidates who attended the Speed Dating Event and those who talked to us.

Northland Regional Council candidates:
Mike Kake - (Video response below)
Ann Shaw
Rangi Tawhiao
Cr Bill Rossiter - (Video response below)
Andy Britton
Cr John Bain
Cr Peter Jensen
Ajit Balasingham - (Video response below)
Tony Davies-Colley - (Video response below)

Whangarei District Council candidates:
Chris Carter - (Video response below)
Aaron Edwards - (Video response below)
Paul Jeeves - (Video response below)
Dennis Langman
Mita Kayal Ruri
Isopo Samu
Warren Slater - (Video response below)
John Williamson
Morris Cutforth - (Video response below)
Vince Cocurullo - (Video response below)
Jeroen Jongejans
Simon Vallings
Gwendolyn Needham
Cr Crichton Christie
Cr Shelley Deeming
Deputy Mayor Kahu Sutherland
Cr Warwick Syers
Mayor Stan Semenoff
Cr Merv Williams


Published 05/10/2010

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