Handmade paper in three dimensions: Exhibition by ‘The Papermil’ froml 10th to the 30th June at the Strand Arcade in the former ‘Blue Revolution’ shop.

Whangarei is well known for the number and quality of artists working in the area.  The artists at The Papermill may not be so well-known and some people even believe that the Papermill has closed down! Not so!

To put The Papermill’s artists back on the map they are holding this exhibition.

The artworks are a visual feast, made in collaboration by the participants and staff at The Papermill. Some of the fibers included are from recycled papers, grape skins, wild ginger, fruit salad plant, ginkgo, flax, hemp, etc.

Don’t miss this exhibition if you want to see something unique, made by a group of unique individuals whose stunning work deserves more exposure.

Published 14/06/2011

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