Tiaho Trust, Epilepsy Northland, NorthAble Disability Services and Parent to Parent recently attended the ‘Hook up to Health Hui’ in Ruakaka.  An event focused on hooking families/whanau up to health services in their community which are often provided at no cost.

The sun was out and the fish may have been biting out at the point, but at the Bream Bay Community Trust, people were ‘hooking into’ a free helping of healthy sausages cooked by the Marsden Lions and Centrah One Home maintenance services.  Homemade chicken soup was also provided by the Bream Bay Community Trust and Regent Training Centre Food cooking class, you couldn’t get enough of this!

The public find out about 'B4 School ChecksThis was accompanied by a real sense of community as twenty three organisations came together to share with the local community information about the twenty nine services they provide and to give advice and support to help them access those services.  public access information from the Northland DIAS Collective

Kelly Scott-Ritchie, Health Promotion Recruitment Liaison Officer for Breast Screen Waitemata, Northland said that she gave away 60 breast screening information packs and 70 breast screening bags.  Being at the Hui was an opportunity to make contact with women who were a high priority or overdue for their breast screen due to a lack of transport.  She was able to advise them that they were able to support them to access this service. Joan Russell, Sue Baker, Amelia Peihopa and Amy Walters

Several organisations provided hands on services including Gout testing by Arthritis NZ Northland and Cervical Screening by the Cervical Screening Programme. 

These services were kept busy throughout the day with Arthritis NZ Northland Service Centre Coordinator Sue Baker stating that “For Amelia Peihopa, Maori Educator for the Northern Region and our Volunteers, the day was a great way to get information to people regarding Gout, our services and do Uric Acid Level Tests on over twenty people – we ran out of testing strips so will know to bring more next year!”. Beth Quinlan from the Cervical Screening Programme said that she was pleased that many ladies had also come to see her to take advantage of the service she provided. Hook up to Health Hui

NorthAble Disability Services, Epilepsy Northland and Parent to Parent Northland at the Hook up to Health HuiRepresentatives from NorthAble Disability Services, Parent to Parent Northland and Epilepsy Northland were kept busy with enquires from the public about the services they provided.

Margaret Dunn, Epilepsy Northland field worker said that “The day was a great way to reach people that might not otherwise access medical services.  I had the opportunity to make contact with people who are currently living with epilepsy and their families, as well as increasing awareness and providing information about epilepsy”.

Carole Powell, Parent to Parent Northland field worker agreed that the Hui gave her the opportunity connected her to members of the public who would not have made contact with her any other way than this.

Students taking part in the Koauau flute making workshopTiaho Trust was pleased to be invited to attend the Hui by Bream Bay Medical Centre Practice Manager Debrah Johns whom we work closely with to help to promote the services that the members of the Disability Information Advisory Services Collective provide in the community.  Students with their finished Koauau flutes

We were also proud to sponsor two students to take part in the ‘Koauau’ flute making workshop, it was great to see the students so immersed in this activity. 

Overall a very successful event that we are sure will grow even bigger next year and continue to help ‘Hook families/whanau up to Health’.

Published 02/09/2011

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