Are you a mad Rugby fan but because of your hearing or eyesight, you miss out on the finer points of the game?

Stirling Sports Whangarei now have ‘Sports Ears’ units available in store at 5 Rathbone Street Whangarei.

As a fan, there’s nothing better than being at the rugby and seeing it live!  Now, with the help of Sports Ears, you can also HEAR it live including choosing between what the referee, assistant referee and TV commentators say.

SportsEars is a unique rugby ‘fan’ based product that not only demystifies the Referee’s decisions but informs, educates, entertains and gives the impression of shrinking the stadium! It is far more than a normal radio.

Stirling Sports Whangarei now have units in store so you can check them out for yourself.  If you have a disability that affects your mobility or you use a wheelchair, this is a accessible store with very friendly and helpful staff.

Image of Sports Ears Image of Sports Ears

Published 06/09/2011

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